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We are SPOR.

Workplace technology solutions built to transform communications.
We are exciting. We are innovative. We are SPOR.

Who we are

We are an innovative workplace technology brand, built to transform the way that organisations connect, collaborate and communicate on a global stage.
Our specialist teams can reimagine your existing communications and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that power performance.

From concept and idea, through to design and managed installation – we are SPOR, and we promise to deliver and impress.


Our Services

We deliver a range of scalable and intuitive workplace technology solutions. We work in partnership with you, our customer, to design, implement and deliver the technology solutions that are right for you – from modular meeting rooms to state-of-the-art smart buildings, stadiums and control rooms; the possibilities are endless.


Our solutions can support in helping you to improve customer and employee engagement, whilst enhancing productivity. Gain a competitive advantage and reduce costs with cutting-edge innovative solutions from SPOR.​

The future of workplace technology.

SPOR offer a range of services to enhance your workplace, be that meeting rooms, home office spaces, offices or teams on-the-road. Check out our interactive tool below.

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